Monday, June 8, 2009

A New Age (Moshiach)

© 2005

What will happen, when Moshiach comes,
will the world become one?

Will people still want, to be corporate presidents,
or will they learn Torah, in their residence?

I wonder what will be, when there is no ego,
will people be a little nicer, wherever I go?

They'll be no competing, to be the best,
just trying to do as much as we can, with no test.

Not trying to impress anyone,
just doing what's right for everyone.
Will people still want big cars and fancy houses,
or live comfortably, without looking at prices?

What about nations, that will have nothing to fight about?
What will they do, with all their money and clout?

Will charity be the main goal,
and to be a good person, be the main role?

What about TV‑ will there be fictional stories,
or will we learn about G‑d, and His Glory?

What about fashion, and styles that always change,
will we still want, to be strange?

What will we learn in school all day,
about how to make a living and play?

Will food taste the same,
or will it all seem to be plain?
I don't know, if I like Moshiach or not,
the world is no fun, with nothing to want.

But maybe there'll be, something more fun to do,
like learning how, to be a good Jew.

Everyone will feel, like one big family,
helping each other, to be the best they can be.

We will relate to the soul of each person,
and know that they are good, oh, what a lesson.

We will be continually happy,
not just waiting, for someday to go to Miami.

There will be infinite things to accomplish,
continually rising higher, in levels of holiness.

Maybe we could start today,
and prepare the world, for Moshiach's way!

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