Monday, June 8, 2009

The Sounds of Silence

© 2005

Behind the wall, the sounds of silence are building with every passing second. Unknown to the people on the other side, who are only centimeters away. The tumult of the world grows louder and louder, taking on astronomical proportions, but soon to be silenced by the truth.

Slowly, the wall begins to subtlety crack. Strands of light immediately shoot through. But the world doesn’t notice, too mesmerized by the trance they are in.

Television, radio, internet, newspapers, magazines, billboards, telemarketing, video games, dishes, VCRs, DVDS, ... the relentless assault on humanity continues.

Attention spans shrunk to milliseconds. Don’t think, just do it! They are told: BUY, BUY, BUY, CONSUME, CONSUME, CONSUME!!!!!

Ahh the bliss of eating, drinking, owning, possessing, controlling, accumulating, ruling........ The most manipulated generation that history has ever known. But they can’t get enough.
The egos last gasps of glory, is on the run; driven to win it all, before its over. But the sounds of silence are increasing daily, first quietly, then slowly louder and louder.
Behind the hedonistic drive, is the soul’s desire to uncover the G-dly spark.

But only skimming the surface, people starve for more. They are unable to break the hard outer shell. Unaware, that only the energy of Chassidus, has the power to reach deep within, to the infinite energy, waiting centuries to be released.

A hidden plan, picking up speed daily. Buy more, because the entire world has to be elevated. Every color, taste, object, emotion, philosophy, every corner of the creation.

Like the tiny atom that has untold energies, physicality awaits to be cracked, and the infinite light released, to shine eternally.
The noise of the centuries is building to a climax, exponentially rising to deafening levels. They beg for more.
!!!The sudden silence is shocking, the plug has been pulled. The silence is deafening. The flash, the shine, are a thing of the past, now having no meaning.

What was once compelling, has vanished. As though a mirage, that never was... A new energy, a new light, a new silence.....

Now looking up and seeing....... Transcending sound. Not more of the same, rather a totally different dimension.

The sounds of silence, now give way, to the sight of knowledge. Pulsating, vibrating G-dliness, racing through the universe, energizing a dead world.

The shell is broken, the pent up energy released, erupting like an exploding star, shooting far into the vast universe.
The most beautiful sound of all, Peace at last.
Thank G-d.

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