Friday, June 5, 2009

A Gentle Mist

© 2005

There is a mist floating in from the darkness. The darkness, is the darkness of foolishness; the mist, is the mist of eternity.
The pervasive darkness is overpowering‑ so thick, I can hardly breathe; at times, I could seemingly touch it. Nevertheless, I keep looking, not even knowing, what I'm looking for.

The emptiness seems to be never ending. Each minute, brings a new coldness, totally beyond the one before.
The penetrating pressure is rapidly increasing. My very flesh is being devoured! It's being torn from its mooring! My whole body is screaming! My blood, its is simmering! It's reaching close to boiling‑ wait, it's lurching beyond!

My entire being has left me. Only my thoughts now remain, barely aware of their own existence...
Now, even my thinking is thickening!

Suddenly! I feel... I'm... I'm delirious, I'm losing my senses!
Am I in another world, or maybe I'm still clinging to a thread of existence.
No! No!!... What is it? Where did it come from? My thoughts are racing, exploding, each one frantically pushes the other! Is it? I agonizingly wait....

At last.... my senses are slowly returning. A mist... yes... a warm, elusive mist. The mere thought, balloons through me!
Now, a feeling; I've never experienced before. It's growing, it's overwhelming me.

Finally, mercifully, it embraces my entire being, cuddling me to the very depths of its bosom....

The darkness has long been forgotten, as though it never had been. Now I realize, it was the beckoning forth, from under the blanket of flesh, of my crying, gentle spirit.

Tragically, only now, because of the loving mist, does the spirit finally live; whereas before, I chose only to nurture the body, while horrendously starving the .....
Suddenly!‑‑‑Shockingly!‑‑‑I'M AWAKE!!

It was only a dream, another chance...?
Does our precious soul have to wait, until it's too late, before we acknowledge its existence?

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