Monday, June 8, 2009

The Other Side of the Coin (G-d's existence)

© 2005

How can one believe in G‑d?
He can't be seen, He's just for simple people?

"But how can one not believe in G‑d?
His greatness is, that He can't be seen."

Look at this table, can G‑d be seen?
"Yet Hashem's greatness is, that He can limit Himself to a table, yet still be infinite."

It seems Hashem created the world, then left it.
"But this world can't exist, without continually being recreated."
Does Hashem concern Himself with what's going on here?
"There is nothing outside of Hashem, He's always "aware" of everything."

Is G‑d is limited?
"If G‑d is limited, He is a human G‑d, which is an idol."

Why is there bad in the world?
"But, why is there good in the world?"

Can Hashem create a rock, He can't pick up?
"Is the rock outside of Hashem, for Him to pick up?"

Why did Hashem create the world?
"He wanted to give man the chance, to elevate himself."

Does G‑d have abilities.
"Yes, but not in a finite way, in potential."

How big is G‑d?
"Hashem has no big or small, up or down. No parts, no boundaries."

Why do people need G‑d?
"Their essence is G‑d; just as a child's essence is connected to his parents."

It seems, not everyone needs G‑d.
"Not everyone, feels their essence."

"To see beyond the creation takes, intellect, perception, and sensitivity."

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