Friday, June 5, 2009


© 2005

Strangers, a "chance" meeting. A human shape in the distance, the same as any other.

Oblivious to one another, as though each of us were only a lifeless mass.
As we grow closer, his eyes... The glassy look disappears for a moment, but quickly returns. I'm barely sure of its occurrence.

Again. This time the glance lingers.
But it also leaves as the first.

I only now become consciously aware of his presence.
I myself look, discerning more than just a moving object.

His eyes slowly move, carefully surveying the fea­tures of my face.
I wonder why.

Almost without thinking, I do the same. As our eyes meet, his face immediately turns into a beautifully, wide smile.
Suddenly, feeling alive, I react instinctively, and smile in return.
An invisible bridge now unites us, the bridge of brotherhood.

As we pass he yells out, "Shalom Alechem, Reb Yid!" Surprised, I answer back, "Alechem Shalom!"

As he disappears into the distance I now realize, the previously cold, shapeless form, has now touched me, and made me aware, of my own humanity.

The empty distance, crossed by one human spirit,
warmly reaching out, to anoth­er...

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