Friday, June 5, 2009

Strands (Mitzvahs)

© 2005

When I go to work each day,
if I'm bored I do the minimum, and just play.
I can't wait to go home,
time goes so slow, no place to roam.

But if I enjoy what I do,
it doesn't matter when I'm through.
There isn't enough time in the day,
the time flies by, it's great I'll say.
The same is true of Torah and Mitzvoth,
they are also in the same boat.

If I don't understand their value,
they become a burden, which is nothing new.
I just go through the motions,
I do the least I have to, with no commotions.

But when I know what it's all about,
I jump for joy, and begin to shout.
I try to do everything the best way,
I'm more sincere, and think about what I say.
But some people wonder why,
I'm so excited, by something up in the sky.
"Why skiing and traveling, I can understand,
but something that's not physical, has no demand."

Well, it's really hard to explain,
you see, I'm not a philosopher, just plain.
But what I've seen and felt,
makes everything else just melt.
It's something that really transcends,
I'm not just following the latest trends.

But Hashem made, each day a new test,
so it's hard to always, do my best.
Yet Hashem made me this way,
and He also made Teshuvah to save the day.
I can always clean the slate,
why, it's never too late.

For when I don't do something the Torah states,
my soul's connection is weakened, and clogs the gates.
For there are 613 strands up above with a special role,
to be a channel to give life to my soul.
But even though one may break,
Teshuvah makes a knot that doesn't shake.
So think positive, and you'll be surprised to find,
that life is great, with this perspective in mind.

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