Friday, June 5, 2009


© 2005

The Yetzer Hora, he's my friend,
he goes with me wherever I am.

When I want to hit my sister,
he's right there to help me be sinister.

And when I want to talk loshon hora,
he's the one who says, "Forget about Torah!"

He's even friends with my mom and dad,
he's always telling them to be bad.
He likes lots of chocolate cake,
and getting up real late.

When I want to be happy,
he jumps in and says, "Don't be sappy!"

He gives me lots of advice,
even when I don't ask him, he's so nice.

When I want to help my friend,
he says, "Think about yourself first, don't bend."
We've been friends for so long,
but I don't want, to do what's wrong.

I have to listen to Hashem,
He's the One who sent him.
My friend the Yetzer Hora helps me be my best,
he was created as a test.

When I don't listen to him,
then I really win.

I have to grow up to be a Mentsch,
do Torah and Mitzvahs, and learn to Bentsch.
But my Yetzer Hora is a good friend,
he never lets me alone in the end.

He still tries to tell me what to do,
but I tell him, "I listen to Hashem and not you!"
So if you want to go higher,
which is to what we all aspire,

then you have to go beyond,
the Yetzer Hora and his con.

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