Friday, June 5, 2009


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Boxes, boxes we all live in boxes.
We live in our sealed, separate boxes, not even knowing who lives next door, "walls of separation".
Inside the box we each have our own smaller box, called our room.

We drive little boxes, with windows always closed.
In winter, heated; in summer, air‑conditioned.
When we go to work, we work in a little box called an office.
This box cuts us off from one another.

When we talk to people, we are in our own box.
A doctor box, or a lawyer box, or some other box.

This box determines, who we are.
Most of us can't see outside of our boxes; we think this is all there is, and that this is all we are.
But others have begun to poke a small hole in the box, and begin to see the outside.

At first like a fledgling, awkward and unsure,
but gaining confidence daily.
The soul also lives in a box.

If the box is lined with gold, conceit, greed etc., it reflects the light back and, like a mirror, we see only ourselves.

But through the learning of Torah- and the doing of Mitz­vot- the box is totally transformed- into a vehicle of transcendence.

This allows the light of the soul to shine through.
Even the soul itself, then reaches vast new levels of being.

When the lining is removed, the box then becomes a win­dow, allowing us to see the beauty in each person, and the world.

Now, discovering what lies inside the boxes.
A box is made to be opened.
Don't get boxed in.

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