Friday, June 5, 2009


© 2005

You know David, it was tough down there,
it was hard to always be fair.
Up here we don't have the same fight,
it's just natural to be right.

Yeah, Aaron, it's true,
up here it's easy to be a Jew.
We still have to grow here,
but at least, to transgress, there is no fear.

Down there people get very narrow‑minded,
they think the world is one‑sided.
There is so much more, than what they see,
even if I told them, they wouldn't believe me.
But you know, David, when we were there,
we could reach as high, as we dare.
Through having free-will,
we could climb, to the top of the hill.

Now we have to wait here,
until they do Teshuvah, it's so near.
So many tests, that they could fail,
yet so many chances, to be great and sail.

I wish we could tell them, what it's all about,
but then they wouldn't get credit, for the bout.

We've been waiting patiently, here we sit,
but couldn't you hurry it up, a bit?

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