Monday, June 8, 2009

The World is a Stage

© 2005

The final curtain has been drawn, the play is over.
The actors now take their bows after a stunning performance.

Mrs. Green comes out, and takes a bow
for her performance, as an overwhelmed mother.
She performed beautifully, appearing to do her best.

Next comes Mr. Goldstein, for his performance as, a husband trying to make living.
He played the part so well, that it seemed as though it was really happening.
He really looked upset and worried, as though he would be bankrupt any second.

Next comes Sarah. Sarah played the part of a teenager, who wished the world would come to an end. She agonized, and actually looked as though, she suffered a lot.

Then came Mr. Levy the millionaire. He acted as though he ran the world, as though he felt so important.

There is Mr. Jones the president, who acted as though he really ruled the world, as though he was invincible.
Each actor was needed to play their part, in order to make the play a success.
Their timing had to be perfect, the lines recited flawlessly, the emotion real.
It was difficult, but it was all worth it, for now the awards are being given out, and everyone is a star.
All the actors now come out, to take one final bow together.
The play is over, the curtain has fallen,
now real life is about to begin....

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