Friday, June 5, 2009

I Like

© 2005

I like blowing a Shofar very loud,
it makes me feel real proud.

I like eating a lot, after Yom Kippur's fast,
I feel holy, and I hope it will last.

I like building my very own Succah, with my hands,
it's like Noah's ark, on land.

I like dancing with the Torah, on Simchas Torah,
I'm glad I know, how to do the hora.

I like singing with the family, around the Menorah,
we sing so loud, we feel euphoria.

I like wearing Purim costumes, and eating hamentashen.
I dress like Mordechai, and save the Jewish nation.

I like asking the four questions at the Seder,
because then I'm the one, that's the leader.

I like eating cheese blintzes on Shavous,
they're so sweet and delicious.

I like lighting Shabbos candles every week,
it brings in the holiness that we seek.

I like the kosher food, we eat every day,
it so good for body and soul, in every way.
And I like Hashem, He's the best,
He made this, and all the rest.

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