Monday, June 8, 2009


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... Avraham why did you break all the idols in my store, they're worth a lot of money?
But father, there is only one G-d in the world.

Avraham, stop that, you're always saying wild things.
Father, belief in G-d is not a wild thing, it's the truth.

Avraham, why can't you be normal like everyone else, and worship idols?
But father...

Avraham, you're always embarrassing us with your radical ideas; can't you just pretend to believe in idols, and not cause any trouble? At least, don't talk to anyone else about your ideas.

But father, Hashem wants the world to know about Him.
So let someone else do it, it doesn't have to be you!

But father, I have to do what's right.
What's right, is to worship idols, just look at everyone else.

Father, just because everyone does it, doesn't make it right.
Look, Avraham, we make a nice living, we hold a respectable place in the community, why don't you just enjoy it?

Father, there is much more to life, than all that.
My son, you are talking about something that you can't see, and that won't make you rich or famous, or anything else, stop all this nonsense.

But father, Hashem is the One, who gave us all we have; and if need be, G-d forbid, He can take it all away.
If we do His will, he rewards us infinitely, but if we don't...

...Father, I want to put up signs on the roads, and tell people about Hashem.
Avraham, now you've gone too far, everyone is going to think you're crazy! And even if you do interest some people, you'll be forgotten about in a few years, nobody cares. Why don't you just give up now?

Father, Hashem is in charge; you'll see, what I'm going to do will eventually change the whole world.
Son, remember, you're only one person, and the world is very large.

Yes father, but Hashem is one, yet He runs the whole world!

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