Friday, June 5, 2009

The Secret Weapon

© 2005

As I sit in my laboratory, I've almost perfected the ultimate weapon. This weapon is totally different than any other ever conceived by man. It will com­pletely change the entire course of world history.

I've been working on it for years, trying to refine it. I want it to be maximally effective, with seem­ingly only a small amount of energy required. Now, it is almost finished.
After hours and hours of careful scientific testing, finally the long‑awaited moment has arrived.

I rush outside to find my first victim. I know what makes this weapon different than any other is: once one person is hit, he carries the energy with him, and then transfers it to another unsuspecting victim.

This chain‑reaction continues in a geometrical progression, until in no time, the entire world has been engulfed.

Ah, I see someone! He's looking down at the ground, trying to ignore me. I'll show him! As he draws near I'll get his attention by innocently clearing my throat.

He fell for it! He looked up for a moment! That's all the time I need. The culmination of years, now condensed into one short blast.

As his eyes hit mine, I unload, with the biggest smile he has ever seen!

Just as planned, he reacts without thinking, and smiles in return. I've got him now!

He'll soon meet someone else, and then, unsus­pectingly, he'll do the same.

Eventually I'll have the whole world at my feet, accomplishing something no one else has ever done, bringing happiness to all mankind!

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