Monday, June 8, 2009

Journey to the Soul

© 2005

As I sit with my guitar in hand, my mind wanders to other shores. As I begin to strum the taunt strings, I become less and less aware, of my fingers and body. As the music starts to float in the air, I am lost in a hypnotic trance.

My soul has been awakened, and now transcends its prison, gleefully dancing with every beat. I cease to exist, as my consciousness has left my being, long ago.
The energy is also transported, everywhere around me, and others are also affected. They also feel the beat, and we are united by the steady rhythm. We are surprised by the power of the experience. Its force overwhelms us. We all smile, as we sway back and forth. We now have entered, another world.
Exploring its vastness, we discover new places, that few have gone. Like the past explores, who set off on a journey, to they knew not where, but that was the excitement. The excitement of the unknown, its mystery never to be solved, but constantly beckoning forth.

Sharing an experience, that binds us as one. A feeling of brotherhood, of sharing the same thing, multiplies the energy.
We now cease to exist, as separate beings, within our own worlds. We are now in synch, bound by the soul of the music, that ripples through the air, and enters into our being; going to its very depths. Touching us in our core, and awaking a part of us, that we never new existed. Hibernating for all these years.

We place our arms on each others shoulders, and sway back and forth, in rhythm with the music. Feeling brotherly love, like never before. The power of the music, the power of the soul, able to transcend boundaries.
Similarly, when we pray, we sing a song to ourselves, and we start to ignite the gentle spark, that lies deep within us. Slowly but surely, it steadily grows.

As we go through the different levels of prayer, we steadily rise to higher and higher spiritual worlds. Leaving the mundane far behind. Not looking back, we don’t realize how far we have traveled.

We eventually stand face to face with our Creator. Naked, we are totally non-existent; just a consciousness, that is barely aware of it own existence.

As the flame of the soul, has steadily grown, it has totally consumed the coarse wood that forms the body, purifying it, leaving it invisible. Allowing its boundaries to be transcended. And it allows us, to fly like an angel, to dimensions never known before.
We have for a moment, become one with our Creator, able to become infinite and G-dly. The rush is hard to contain, as it swells throughout my entire being, ready to explode into ball of fire. But yet, somehow, contained and guided, to be able to reach to even farther universes, that are light years away.
Here, nature does not exist.

Unbounded, nature is only a distant memory, that is slowly fading into the past, being slowly forgotten, with eternity taking its place.

Unable to speak, since I have no mouth; unable to move, as I have no body; almost unable to think, as I have no thoughts....

I am one with... , but there is no I, there is only .............

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