Monday, June 8, 2009

The Blowing Leaf

© 2005

As the warm summer wind blows, though the outstretched arms of the magnificent tree, a leaf is blown off, somersaulting in a menagerie of directions.

The leaf is seemingly aimlessly, being blown too and fro. But the Baal Shem Tov revealed, that even an insignificant act, is directed by G-d, to fulfill His plan.

As the simple leaf floats gently through the air, it slowly descends onto the lush green grass. It slowly lands near a small worm. Its dinner has been delivered to it, and is placed just within its reach. It doesn’t even realize, that this is no coincidence, but rather the hand of G-d.

As it wriggles forward to partake of its meal, it is also fulfilling its part in G-d’s creation. The leaf, by being eaten by the worm, achieves a higher elevation, by being transformed into a higher form of life.

Being higher, because the worm has a higher soul, which has more G-dly energy. The air has also been elevated, by being a vehicle, of G-d’s will, thereby also becoming a part of Him.
As the satiated little worm finishes its feast, it slowly crawls away. It now has been enlivened, to once again continue to elevate, its portion of Creation. Soon, it again searches for its next leaf, to eat.

The wind blows through the trees, that sway back and forth, waving their uplifted arms in praise of G-d. All around, more leaves are being blown, but only one has been chosen for this worm.
As the gentle wind again drops off its cargo, it joyfully once again continues on its next mission.

The trees, the wind, and the worm, all unite to serve their Creator. The food-chain, that is linked in more ways than one.....

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