Friday, June 5, 2009


© 2005

As the blazing sun rises, a thousand beams of blind­ing light instantly burst forth from the horizon. They ignite the darkness in a kaleidoscope of brilliance. The entire sky explodes in a ball of energized life. A won­drous spectacle, with the entire heavens as its stage.

An awesome mountain. The majesty of its peak, towers over the landscape, humbling the creation which lies far below. There it stands, totally serene in its soaring heights. Enveloped by softly blowing wisps of playful clouds.

A breathtaking waterfall. The powerful water sparkles in the sunlight as it surges. It races along, gaining speed with each moment. Suddenly, it leaps over the edge in fearless flight, and careens down the endless embank­ment. Finally hitting the bottom, it explodes with a thunderous boom, and mightily soars up in massive pillars.

The vast ocean. Its grandeur spans into a seemingly endless expanse, as though nothing else exists. Its per­petual waves rhythmically flow back to shore, with a hyp­notic serenity. Their sloshing sound, soothing and calm­ing.

A lush forest full of soaring trees, that seem to reach to the sky. There they stand proud and regal, rulers of the heavens. They are imposing in their lofty heights. Their powerful arms stretch continually out, as though trying to grasp the entire expanse around them. The bril­liant green of pulsating life, is everywhere. The tran­scendence of nature, a creation of G‑d. Man is humbled, and stands in awe.
The intangible soul, after doing a Mitzvah. An explosion of light suddenly bursts through the stark darkness, engulfing its entire being. Losing its existence in a flash of a moment, its boundaries melt away, as though never having been. Not even aware, if it is aware. The joy it feels, wells through it like a wave.

Afterwards, leaving it in an enraptured state. It bathes in warmth, and sinks into a permeating peacefulness, that leaves it floating weightlessly.

But now it slowly comes to life again. The silhouette of its being begins to takes shape, back to its previous existence. The image of before, slowly fades away, longing for its return.
The infinity of the soul, transcends the highest peak, and the greatest sunrise. A greatness, that is beyond measure.
All creations, are for man to use, to reach the true heights that he can achieve. but as great as they are, their true greatness is yet to be revealed, by man.

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