Friday, June 5, 2009

The Flickering Flame


The gentle flame, flickering to and fro,
where does it seemingly want to go?

Stretching and soaring ever so high,
forever wanting to reach the sky.

Why, oh why, does it want to leave,
to go to a place that I can't perceive?

Does it know something that I don't,
or does it just naturally want to float?
Everything in G‑d's wondrous creation,
was created to be a part of His revelation.

It's not just the flame and its beautiful light,
but also our soul that wants to take flight.

Our precious soul, given birth by the Creator,
always wanting to return to its Emanator.

Continually flickering, always striving,
wanting to leave this world, and its continual fighting.
But the soul was created, for an illustrious goal,
to make this world a dwelling, for the supernal.

For just as the flame needs precious oil to exist,
this world needs the soul to persist.

Just as the flame takes the oil even higher,
the burning soul, sets the body on fire.

Then, together hand in hand,
they both go, to the Promised Land.
So may all the flickering flames, become torches,
and each one of us- the revelation of our sources.

Then the world will be a truly warm place,
which will be the epitome- of the human race!

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