Monday, June 8, 2009

Mysterious Music

© 2005

As I walk I down the street, everything seems dull, lifeless. People look like the living dead. Just going though the motions, barely putting one foot in front of the other. Counting the seconds, until the day will be over. Plastic people, fake smiles, fake laughter, fake lives.

The air is listless, the colors dull, the food tasteless. A mechanical world, and each of us a robot.
But wait, listen, did you hear that? Maybe I’m just imagining it, maybe I’m delirious.

Again, I hear it. Yes, it real; but it’s so distant, barely audible. Why, there’s music in the air! But where is it coming from?

Everything is starting to become alive. The colors are brighter. The smell of the air sharper. The plants are greener, taller, and stronger. There is energy in the air! Even the street is vibrating with an inner beat.

The volume is increasing, penetrating everywhere. Everything is starting to move in synch with the music. The skyscrapers are starting to swing together.
First one, then ten, then fifty, until the entire city is vibrating. The people on the street are also now affected. Everyone is putting their hands on each others shoulders, and swaying back and forth, while singing at the top of their lungs.

All sizes, shapes, colors, are now united by one beat. People can’t stop smiling. The joy is increasing with every moment, until it’s barely tolerable. I feel like I’m gong to explode!

The beat keeps getting stronger, as it comes closer and closer. The whole city starts dancing! Even the clouds above, are flying back and forth in rhythm with the music. It really feels like one world, united.
People start to uncontrollably laugh. First a few, then more, then everyone. They start to laugh so hard, that they can’t even stand up. They become drunk with laughter, and start to fall down, and roll on the ground! What is going on? Its insane.
All traffic has stopped. Everyone is getting out of their cars and looking around, trying to figure out what is going on. When suddenly, they are grabbed, and pulled into a giant circle.
Which begins to spin faster and faster, at a dizzying pace.

People are dancing so hard, that they fall down, pulling everyone else on top of them, each tumbling over the other. As they roll on the ground they can’t get up, because they are laughing so hard.

Legs kicking, arms flying, people doing somersaults in the middle of the street! The energy is boundless. Old men, ninety years old, are running through the streets like children.

The patients in the hospitals are racing out of the doors, throwing away their crutches and IV’s, junking their wheelchairs, running to join everyone else. The doctors and nurses are right behind. Having no patients to take care of, they also are running to join the party.
The prisons and jails, are unlocking their doors, and releasing their prisoners. The prisoners are somersaulting out, giddy with surprise. Freedom at last, they explode in ecstasy, racing as fast as they can, just to experience freedom, never looking back.

Finally reaching the crowds, they hug and kiss everyone, with tears of joy running down their face. A minute before, they were ostracized from society, killers and thieves, but now totally accepted and deeply loved.
As the music pulsates and the buildings sway, the trees clap their arms together. The birds fly in a big circle, dancing furiously. As the tempo increases and the energy soars, we feel as though we are going to expire, we can’t take anymore.

But there is no stopping. More, more and more.... Like a balloon that has reached its limits and can’t expand anymore, but it keeps going, pushing beyond its farthest limits.

Stretching far beyond its wildest imagination, with no end in sight. Infinite joy, infinite ecstasy; infinite energy, flowing into previously finite bodies.
As we soar to unknown heights, we begin to see things previously hidden. Then we start to see, the inner essence of everything. As time passes, it becomes clearer and clearer. It is as though we had X-ray vision. Before it would be like looking at the sun, but now we can look and not even blink.

The intensity is like a billion suns. Each sun is the size of a billion suns, that would burn for a billion years, and release all that energy in a split second, through one tiny opening! We begin to see the source of happiness, the source of life. The point, where life and eternity, meet.

The leap to another dimension, that leaves the previous one light years behind. Reaching the place where time and space meet, and lurching beyond. Reaching a place where no one could previously reach. An Ex-Nihlo jump, where we leave physicality, and enter G-d.
The music is the music of Levites, who are preparing to play in the holy Beis HaMikdosh. As Moshiach leads them, he picks up the tempo with every stanza. Until it is as though their fingers have left their hands, and become one with the music.

Each note vibrates across the universe, exploding in every corner. Leaving no place untouched, by its life giving energy.
The long awaited moment has arrived, the redemption is here!

Thank G-d

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