Monday, June 8, 2009

The Shabbos Queen

© 2005

Time stands aside, as the day blends into night.
As the sun slowly fades, the heavens open, and the Queen approaches.
Her silky white gown floats in the evening mist.
The light of a thousand suns radiates from her face.
Clouds surround her becoming a royal throne.
Peace and tranquility follow in her wake.

There is complete silence,
as the creation stops for a moment,
absorbing her awesome presence.

Angels stand at attention,
stars frozen in place,
and birds chirp in rapture.
Her presence transforms our home into a holy temple.
Air, becomes energized.
Shabbos-candles supernal light, elevate every corner.
Wine, a window to a hidden universe.
Shabbos food, whiffs of delicacies that beg to be eaten.
Souls able to expand to distant worlds.
We beg her to stay,
but now she must return.
We sadly say good-by,
but the joy she has brought will stay forever...

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