Friday, June 5, 2009

Precious Daughters

© 2005

A precious soul to be elevated,
or just a body to be degraded?

A mother of countless generations,
or just a moment of fleeting titillation?

Temporary pleasures never satisfying,
never finding what you want, but always trying.

Which will it be, a love always growing,
or one that is eventually, boring?
Women, don't let yourself be used,
please do not be confused.

Man is good, but he has powerful desires,
he needs you to say no, and put out the fires.
We can't sell our precious souls, only to be accepted,
for fear if we say no, we may be rejected.

Something that is special and dear, not earthy,
can only be seen at certain times, and by someone worthy.

Can life be worth living,

without sharing, caring, and giving?
Rise up women and unite,
show the world you're ready to fight.

Don't be lead by physical desires,
but help mankind, reach to what it truly aspires.

Your potential, is waiting to be revealed,
don't give in, have patience and zeal.
Why do I worry, why do I care,
because we need each other, we need to share.

Each a jewel of infinite worth,
filling the world with joy and mirth.

G‑d sits, and looks at His precious daughters,
softly weeps, and wonders when they will flower...

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