Friday, June 5, 2009

A Precious Gift (New born)

© 2005

As I gaze at the enwrapped gift, I thankfully think of the wondrous benefactor, Who bestowed it upon me. A delicate bundle of warmth, and sensitivity.

Suddenly she moves, and tries to yawn. So tiny, so very tiny. A month ago she was only a distant, waiting spirit. Now, she brings pure joy and delight, to all those around her.

What are her searching eyes looking for? What is she thinking? Since she doesn't know evil, does she know only good? Does she see the G‑dliness in everything? Is that why she always has, such a beautifully tender smile? If innocence is bliss, may we all be innocent.

She's so sweet. Every time she moves I feel a quiver in my heart. Every time I try to leave, she cries. Not wanting diamonds or gold‑ only to be loved, to be held tightly, and loved.

So simple, life is so simple now; why does it later change? Why do people want only power and money? Is that what it means to "grow up"?

When she's in my arms, I can think of nothing else. The world vaporizes into an invisible mist, in which I quietly float.
What is this strange power she has? A feeling people search lifetimes for, and never find.

What is it? I only have to look at her to know the answer.
Is it so hard to understand?

The miracle of life, a G‑d given gift to all of creation, with only man being able to cherish it.

As I burst out into a sea of uncontrollable tears I can only whisper, "The gentle tenderness of compassion." "Thank G‑d."

The obvious answer, no one seems to know, but her....

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