Friday, June 5, 2009

Consume Consume

© 2005

Eat, eat, consume, consume.
Drink, drink, consume, consume.
Buy this, wear that, consume, consume.

Try this, listen to that, consume, consume.
Use it once and throw it away, consume, consume.
To be a consumer‑ that's what it's all about,
take it in, and spit it out.
"Hey, have you tried the latest fad,
it's great, I'm so glad."

We have to watch TV,
in order to know how to be.
We don't have parents anymore,
so we have to watch TV, to know the score.

It teaches us all we need to know,
why, I have to watch every show!
I don't even, have to talk to Mom and Dad,
It so easy, how could anyone be sad?
Of course, I get tired of the same old thing,
that's why I need, to have a new fling.

Oh, I'm only happy for a while,
but I can't always have a smile.

I just need more of the same,
it's like playing a game.
If one is good, two must be better,
three or four, wow what a trendsetter.

More, more, consume, consume...

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