Monday, June 8, 2009

Graduation Day

© 2005

The deceivingly serene landscape, belies the truth. Calm as far as the eye can see. Seemingly lasting forever. But a purpose left unfulfilled. A rendezvous with destiny, about to occur. The Divine Will, about to manifest itself.

The world has duped itself into thinking, that this is all there is. Like an immature child that plays in a sandbox, and cries when it taken out to go to school; the world has been playing with the toys of creation, but now it must grow up.

Infinite potential has been wasted, ignored, hidden by a reluctant world. But now there is no choice, G-d will have His way. Wanting to give His beloved children, the ultimate gift, Himself.
But in order for the child to be able to appreciate, and absorb, such a wondrous gift, it must prepare itself. It must grow up,

Like a child that doesn’t appreciate character, so too the world doesn’t appreciate the infinite. It must open its eyes, and stop looking down at the physical, and look up to the eternal.

Yet destiny is continually guiding it. At times gently, at times abruptly. Lessons to be learned the easy way, or the hard way. The patient Father waits for the right moment, depending on the child’s progress.
We have gone through the growing pains. The different stages of history, have been stages of growth: Infancy, childhood, teenager, adulthood. The ten commandments, the Mishnah, the Gomorra, Chassidus.

But now graduation-day is upon us, Moshiach is here!

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