Friday, June 5, 2009



A bull, such a heavy animal, always looking down at the gravel.
Whereas a bird, is surprisingly light, in an instant it's out of sight.
A bull moves very slowly, dragging along its oversized belly.
A bird races through the air, seemingly without a care.
A bull only sees what's in front of its nose, he doesn't care where he goes.
A bird is always looking afar, trying to reach a hidden star.
A bull runs over everything in its path, it doesn't care, it just releases its wrath.

A bird flies over and around, it doesn't even touch the ground.
A bull likes to wallow in mud, it falls and rolls with a big thud.

A bird wants to fly to the highest peak, the world below it doesn't seek.
A bull fights with other animals it meets, he has to be king to feel complete.

A bird has the summit to reach, he doesn't have time to compete.
The body and soul, seemingly opposites,
yet they must unite, to reach G‑dly heights.

The body, seemingly a limited being,
yet it too, can start feeling and seeing.

It can redirect its power,
since it has free-will, it can tower.
Now the bull and the bird, become one,
together a new life, they've begun.

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