Friday, June 5, 2009

True Friends

© 2005

As I sit looking at my friend,
there is something that I can't comprehend.

Why is he different, why is it so,
than any other person, that I might know?

What is the connection, that binds us together,
whereas others just come, in fair weather?

Even though there is nothing in it for me,
I still would help him, and he would help me.
Can it be his looks, his wit, or maybe his money,
or perhaps it's just that, he's so funny?

No, I don't think so, because you see,
without all of these, I would like him, and he would like me.
So all that I can surmise,
is that there is more‑ which is no surprise.

What makes us so near, even though we,
may be physically apart, far across the sea,

that transcends all else, come what may,
that even the waves of time, can't wash away?

Why, it must be the eternal connection,
that is the bond, of true love and affection.

Bound by an unbreakable force,
because we are both united, with our source.
I am for him, and he is for me,
true brotherhood, the way it should be.

What is a friend, it's not a new creation,
only bringing the hidden, into revelation.
But in order to have, brotherly love so dear,
you have to first love your brother, who is so near.

To love your fellow Jew, that's all it takes,
to make this world, Hashem's dwelling place!

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