Friday, June 5, 2009


© 2005

What difference,does a piece of cloth make,
why, it falls off with every step I take?
It doesn't keep me warm, or make me look cool,
it just seems, to make me feel like a fool.

But when it's a Yarmulka, it has a different reason,
It's not worn to make me be pleasing.
Yarmulka, (Yirah‑Malka), means fear of the king,
it makes me aware, that Hashem is above things.

Intellect is only a creation,
to be used to effect Hashem's elevation.
Intellect only reaches so far, and then ends,
after all ,it's only physical, and doesn't transcend.

In order for man to connect,
he has to eclipse his intellect.
When he bows, and lowers his head in prayer,
he acknowledges that it's not the top layer.

Using intellect, to go beyond its limits,
is the way, we reveal its true wits.
The Yarmulka, is a filter on my head,
that holds back the finite, and lets the G‑dly spread.
It's also part of my uniform,
that shows that G‑d is the norm.

Of course, a hat is a little better as you know,
it covers my whole head and body, from head to toe.
Hashem didn't create us wearing one,
because of free-choice, he left us undone.

I wear my Yarmulka, even when I sleep sound,
because Hashem, is still around.

Some people wear them, to cover their bald spot,
but I wear mine, to show where I stop.

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