Monday, June 8, 2009


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I don’t know, if my kids will remember the Torah that we learned, or the spankings they got, or the trips we took; but one thing they will remember, is the dancing we did!

Tati comes home, runs to the table, grabs the tape-player, and ---energy! The entire room starts to dance!!!!
With fast-paced music pulsing out through the air, filling every corner with vibrancy, I race to grab the nearest child. Lifted up and spun around in an instant, each one gets their turn, being twirled around in dizzying circles, in sync with the music.

Then, flying through the air on my shoulders, their feet never touching the floor. Transported to a different world, far beyond the mundane.

Running the length of the living room, and going once around the kitchen table. With a series of twists, turns, and spins, the home becomes alive, with pure, unadulterated joy; penetrating to the very depths of the soul. Bodies are transformed into, art in motion. This is the greatest sound, a child’s uncontrollable laughter.

The four-year old dances with effortless motions, on one foot. Spinning around, with arms flying out, he entrances us with his natural expertise.

Simchas Torah pales in comparison. Ferris-wheels, roller-coasters and rides seem boring afterwards.

This is what they will never forget. The pure happiness, of unbridled joy!!!!

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